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Emanuel Morez Custom Furniture Design

Emanuel Morez Inc., located in Northridge, California was founded in 1991 and is one of the finest quality furniture and lighting design and manufacturing companies in the United States. We stand apart in unique design, superior quality, customization, and customer service. All furniture is hand made in house and built from start to finish, using a lean manufacturing system. Streamlining our production process allows for a remarkably short lead time of 4-6 weeks from the date of approvals, for both standard and custom pieces.

Our production process starts with making sure we have a clear and visual understanding of our client’s needs. Within 2-3 days of receiving the purchase order, a shop drawing and finish sample is sent for both standard and custom orders. Once checked and approved, we start the production process. The production team orders all materials and hardware needed as well as plan the steps for smooth manufacturing without any stops or delays. The production team addresses one order at a time in a consecutive flow from station to station, allowing us to make custom or standard orders in stride under careful quality control. Emanuel Morez is the company that will provide top quality, a 4-6 week delivery time, reasonable pricing, and impeccable customer service. This is our philosophy, this is how we are designed to manufacture, and this is who we are.

  • Honey Comb Table Lamp

    Honey Comb Table Lamp

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  • Tiny Bubbles Maji Chandelier